10 Unique Personalized Gifts for Kids of Every Age | Holiday Gift Guide


If you’re on the hunt for cool and unique personalized gifts for kids this year, we get it! These gifts can really add a special touch to any holiday present without breaking the bank. The personalization makes them stand out in a meaningful way. Just a heads up though, if you’re aiming for a personalized gift in time for holidays or a special event, it’s best to act fast. These gifts take a bit longer to create, unlike the popular toys that sell out quickly closer to December.

If you’re worried about timing, consider reaching out to the seller, especially if they’re on Etsy, where many artisans create these unique gifts. You might have the option to expedite shipping, albeit at a higher cost, but it could save you the stress of anxiously tracking your package every day.

Personalized hot cocoa mug

It’s that time for hot cocoa! If you’re looking for awesome and affordable personalized gifts for kids, check out these personalized hot cocoa mugs. Put their name on it and maybe they won’t stash it away after sipping it all up. They come in lots of designs and sizes, even one with a lid, perfect for those who tend to spill.

Fun personalized book with up to three names

If your kids aged 4-10 adore getting lost in a great story, you’ll understand why this personalized gift idea from CMP favorite Wonderbly is so popular with our readers during the holidays. We’ve loved Wonderbly ever since they introduced their original Lost My Name personalized books, and their latest, Where Are You?, takes personalized storytelling to the next level with intricate illustrations by Marija Tiurina that make your child feel like part of the adventure.

What’s even better now is that you can include up to three names inside the book! Whether it’s your three kids, your child and their grandparents, or three inseparable best friends, everyone can enjoy this personalized experience.

Personalized name sign

Looking for a name sign that fits perfectly in a baby’s nursery or a teenager’s room? Check out this cool personalized acrylic name art from Pottery Barn Kids. It’s bright, bold, and stylish enough to go from nursery walls to dorm rooms. You might even find yourself getting sentimental when they take it off to college.

Personalized cookies

We know kids go crazy for treats during the holidays, especially when they’re as special as these beautiful personalized rainbow cookies with their name on them to keep their siblings at bay! If they’re out of stock, consider their festive personalized gingerbread house with a Christmas theme, or their Hanukkah version, both perfect for gifting when you’re shopping for multiple kids in one family.

Personalized worry stones

Many kids have felt anxious lately, so we adore these personalized Worry Stones from Heidi J. Hale. They keep your comforting messages forever in fine pewter. It’s a gift that’s perfect for anyone facing tough times or a rough day. It’s small enough to carry in a pocket, hide under a pillow, or slip into a backpack. (Currently on sale for $25 or add $20 for engraving on both sides)

Personalized photo puzzles for kids

Toddlers will have a blast discovering surprises under the puzzle pieces in the Personalized Montessori Peekaboo Photo Puzzle from Familiar Faces Toys on Etsy. They’ll be thrilled by the adorable baby pictures and learn to use their little fingers to lift and fit the pieces into place. Since toddlers enjoy seeing themselves, a variety of cute expressions are ideal, and you can easily swap in photos of grandparents, pets, or a beloved babysitter to keep it fresh. It’s like a new puzzle each time!

Personalized Star Wars aprons

If your kitchen is as lively as the Mos Eisley Cantina, check out these personalized Star Wars aprons from Williams-Sonoma. They come with handy pockets perfect for stashing treats like Wookiee Cookies and feature favorite characters in sizes for both adults and kids (although BB-8 is just for kids, given the droid’s size). Grab a few for your family and decide who gets to be on the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire side—just keep the peace, no food fights allowed!

Personalized, kid-sized wooden baking tools

If your kids love lending a hand in the kitchen, they’ll adore their very own personalized 3-piece baking set. Each piece is made of beechwood and can be customized with their name, plus a cute image on the wooden spoon—options range from rainbows to construction trucks, unicorns, and owls.

Personalized AirPod case

If you have multiple AirPod users at home, these personalized silicone AirPod and AirPod Pro cases from eStore4Crafts are a must-have. With lots of colors and lettering options, it’s much easier to know whose is whose and where to put them when you find them in the couch or on the car floor.

Personalized kids’ purses

Whether they love a cute swan purse or a fun dinosaur purse, the personalized animal crossbody purses from Aha Aha Moments are super adorable. The personalization is on the back so it doesn’t mess up the fluffy “feathers.” Plus, the price is great for something so cute and huggable.

Give a Personalized Touch to Your Gifts

Personalized gifts bring a unique and special touch to holiday presents for kids of all ages. From custom hot cocoa mugs and enchanting storybooks to delightful name signs and adorable animal purses, there’s something for everyone. These thoughtful items not only stand out but also create lasting memories. Whether you’re shopping for kitchen helpers, puzzle lovers, or tech-savvy kids, personalized gifts add an extra layer of love and care to any occasion, making the holidays truly memorable.