Hairstory Reviews – Is this New Wash Shampoo Reigns Supreme?

Usually, I just scroll right past the ads on my Facebook and Instagram feeds without giving them much thought. But recently, I actually noticed the ad for Hairstory New Wash shampoo. They claimed it was a game-changer in hair washing, and with so many positive reviews and a high rating, I thought it might be worth a shot.

I bit the bullet and dropped $42 on a bottle of New Wash Hairstory. We have this series called “Damn You Facebook ads,” where we purchase products advertised on social media and test them to see if they’re worth it. Here are my thoughts after using Hairstory New Wash.

My Hair Status

Before we go to the Hairstory reviews, Let me give you some background on my hair and my usual hair care routine so you can compare it to yours.

My hair is slightly below shoulder length and falls between wavy and curly, with a tendency toward frizz. It’s completely natural—I’ve never dyed it—and I only use a few products, like the occasional spritz of hairspray.

Lately, I’ve been alternating between Pantene and TRESemmé shampoo, depending on which one is on sale. Once every week, I condition my hair. Typically, I let my hair air dry, but I use a straightening iron once a week to tame the frizz.



How to Use the Hairstory Shampoo?

To give you a Hairstory New Wash reviews, first, I went for the basic New Wash Hairstory formula, which has this delightful minty scent that reminds me of being in a forest. They use oils like clove, rosewood, and balsam to achieve that fragrance. However, once you rinse it out, there’s no lingering scent.

Now, onto the shower part. According to New Wash, an effective shampoo must be naturally derived from saturated cleansers and essential oils. What it doesn’t contain is the typical detergent found in most shampoos. That’s a big difference because it means the lathering action differs from what you’re probably used to.

Instead, you apply it to your hair as if you were using conditioner, giving your scalp a good rub or utilizing their scalp brush. I got one with their $54 original kit. After that, you let it soak while you finish up the rest of your shower routine, and when you’re ready, you rinse it out at the end.

The shampoo is quite thick, so it takes some extra rinsing to get it all out. The bottle even suggests using your hands like a squeegee to ensure it’s entirely gone. At this point, your hair should feel both cleansed and conditioned, all in one step, and you’re good to go!

Trying Again Using the Hairstory New Wash

I typically wait around 3-4 days before rewashing my hair. However, following their suggestions, I rewashed it the next night because it felt particularly dirty after using Hairstory New Wash. I wanted to see if there might be an adjustment period with this new shampoo that I still needed to grasp fully.

This time, I used 5 pumps of the shampoo to achieve full coverage, especially at the back of my head and around my neck, where it can be difficult to apply the product. I also took more time rinsing it out compared to my first attempt.

When a Hair story shampoo doesn’t lather, it can be tricky to determine if you’ve covered all of your hair in the first place, let alone ensure you’ve rinsed it properly.

When styling my hair the following day, I used dry shampoo and straightening iron, hoping to improve the situation.

I liked the outcome so much this time that I went without washing my hair for two days.

Results After a Week

The second shampooing of the week occurred later in the week. I embraced my hair’s natural curl and let it do its thing this time. Unfortunately, once again, it ended up feeling heavy and dirty. Ugh, what a bummer!

By the time the week ended, I have to admit, and I was more than ready to go back to washing my hair with my trusty old shampoo.

The Verdict of Hairstory New Wash Reviews 

If you’re someone with natural curls and love that bouncy volume, this Hair story shampoo might not be the best fit for you. Depending on your hair type, you may get different results (just read the comments to see what others have experienced!). However, I found that I could only achieve hair happiness by adding volumizing dry shampoo and going for a straight style. That’s too narrow for me.

Maybe you’re more patient than I am when letting your hair “adjust.” It’s worth considering if you’re up for the challenge.

For comparison, I also decided to give Beautycounter’s Daily Shampoo a go. It’s sulfate-free, paraben-free, and still lathers up nicely during the wash. Plus, it’s significantly cheaper, costing only $29 per bottle compared to Hairstory’s $42. Compared to Hairstory, I found that I could go longer between washes with Beautycounter and that my hair felt cleaner and fuller after just one wash.

However, neither shampoo gave me the smooth finish I’m used to getting with more traditional shampoos, even if it means relying on a few more chemicals. So, for someone with hair like mine, I can’t give them my highest recommendation.

Ultimately, I’m relieved that I only spent $54 on the Hairstory shampoo original kit, and it didn’t go up to $75.