Inkbox Review – Are They Really Good?

inkbox review


Inkbox sets itself apart from ordinary temporary tattoos by mimicking the appearance of real tattoos. The allure lies in their promise of extended longevity, surpassing the fleeting nature of traditional temporary tattoos. According to the company, these tattoos can endure for an impressive span of 8 to 18 days, allowing you to leave a lasting impression during events like your middle school parents’ night. This Inkbox review will dictate that!

Admittedly, the price point of Inkbox’s semi-permanent tattoos leans towards the higher end. Starting at $19 for their basic designs, they may seem costlier compared to disposable alternatives. Nevertheless, the range of options within their extensive catalog is bound to captivate you, showcasing an array of truly remarkable designs.

If you’re contemplating giving Inkbox’s semi-permanent tattoos a shot, below is a glimpse of what you can anticipate.


How Do Inkbox Tattoos Work?

Imagine Inkbox’s semi-permanent tattoos as akin to henna tattoos, delicately permeating the upper layers of your skin. However, what sets these tattoos apart is their utilization of all-natural ink derived from a unique fruit found in Darién Gap, Panama.

What particularly attracted me to Inkbox was its commitment to social responsibility. The company allocates a portion of each purchase to education and fair trade programs that directly support the indigenous communities involved in harvesting the fruit. It’s this dedication to giving back that sparked my initial interest.

When it comes to design options, Inkbox offers an extensive selection to suit various tastes. From captivating geometric symbols to representations of exploration and protection, there are choices that hold sentimental value, especially for parents. Additionally, you’ll find endearing animal designs, uplifting quotes, and even scientific motifs like the molecular diagram of coffee within the Science category. The plethora of options ensures there’s something for everyone.

To apply these semi-permanent tattoos, you’ll receive a generous peel-and-stick stencil on a sizable patch.Placing the stencil on your body with the adhesive side down might remind you of something you’d encounter in an emergency room. Following that, you’ll need to rub an alcohol swab over the patch and apply firm pressure for approximately 12-15 minutes using the provided warm compress. I must admit, that’s quite a long duration to keep a compress firmly in place.

Once the process is complete, removing the patch will reveal a faintly visible tattoo on your skin, which may appear slightly wrinkled. Over the course of the next few days, you’ll witness the gradual darkening of the tattoo, gradually transforming it into an increasingly authentic-looking design that mimics the appearance of a real tattoo.


What Are The Results? How Long Do Semi Permanent Tattoos Last?

To my surprise, the temporary tattoo I adorned managed to deceive numerous individuals during its initial week of wear. Day 2 showcased its impeccable sharpness and aesthetic appeal, as depicted below.

However, as the days progressed, a slight fading began to manifest, albeit the tattoo still maintained a relatively authentic appearance, albeit with a hint of wear. Regrettably, my semi-permanent tattoo swiftly diminished over the subsequent days.

In terms of how long inkbox tattoos last, by the time the 14-day milestone arrived, it had essentially vanished, resembling more of a random scribble my child would make on my arm with a pen—a mark that I had yet to wash off. I guess some hit the 18-day mark, while some don’t.


The Verdict of Inkbox Tattoos Review

To conclude this Inkbox tattoo review, undoubtedly, the initial allure of Inkbox’s semi-permanent tattoos is undeniable, with their impressive appearance lasting approximately a week. However, it’s important to note that guarantees beyond this timeframe are uncertain. Managing expectations becomes crucial, particularly if you have plans involving activities such as swimming or bathing, which can potentially impact the tattoo’s longevity. While the company recommends the application of petroleum jelly or a preferred oil before exposing the tattoo to moisture, it’s wise not to rely solely on these measures.

For individuals endowed with artistic talent, Inkbox offers an intriguing option to enhance an existing design. By purchasing a bottle of freehand ink, priced at $30 per ounce—similar to henna ink—there is potential to breathe new life into your tattoo, refreshing its appearance and prolonging its lifespan.

Ultimately, the question of whether Inkbox’s semi-permanent tattoos are worth the investment is subjective and depends on individual preferences. Factors to consider include your desired duration of the tattoo’s visual impact, your willingness to take precautions to preserve its appearance, and your personal satisfaction with the temporary nature of the experience. Evaluating these aspects will help you make an informed decision regarding the value and significance these tattoos hold for you.