Cool Backpacks for Teen Guys & Gals – The Most Popular Choices

school backpacks for teens


When searching for trendy backpacks suitable for teenagers, mere coolness is no longer sufficient. As adolescents transition to middle or high school, particularly after spending a significant amount of time at home (sigh), you’ll want to look for larger and sturdier cool backpacks for teen guys and girls. These backpacks should possess superior shoulder straps, additional pockets, and enhanced features compared to their elementary school counterparts.

Our considerations extend to safeguarding laptops and tablets, providing compartments for those indispensable smartphones that teenagers tend to use from time to time, accommodating water bottles (hydration is essential!), and, of course, featuring exteriors approved by the discerning teenage eye.

Is it a demanding list of requirements? Perhaps. Nevertheless, we are captivated by the impressive selection of backpacks specifically tailored for teenagers available this year. These offerings cater to diverse tastes, ranging from sporty to sophisticated, silly to chic, and everything in between. While some options may be slightly pricier, they are meticulously crafted to protect the valuable gear they hold within.


Kånken 15-Inch Laptop Backpack

Allow us to begin with the timeless Swedish school bag, which is one of the trendy school backpacks that seem impervious to the passage of trends. Its durability is so remarkable that it will likely outlive the laptop it houses. For teenagers with a plethora of belongings, electronic or otherwise, the 15″ variant is an ideal choice and costs $115. However, for those seeking excellent value, downsizing to a slightly smaller option is worth considering.

Moreover, these backpacks designed for teenagers offer an extensive array of colors, including captivating two-toned alternatives. Our advice, though, is to opt for the darker shades. Even if they are initially captivated by the allure of sky blue or pale yellow, the darker hues retain their freshness for much longer periods.


Swedish school bag

Image Source: Hands on Review: Fjallraven Kanken Laptop 15″ Backpack


Kipling 15” Seoul Go laptop backpacks 

With its striking design, this collection of backpacks tailored for teenagers boasts an impressive height of 17.25″ and a depth of 9″, providing ample space for their technological devices and other essential belongings. Plus, they’re available at Amazon for as low as $96!

Kipling school backpacks for teens has consistently remained a popular choice among our readers during the previous back-to-school seasons, and for good reason. These bags exhibit exceptional durability, maintaining their exquisite condition for years on end. Undoubtedly, investing in these backpacks is a wise decision.


Herschel Pop Quiz Laptop Backpack

One exceptional backpack that surpasses expectations in durability and functionality is the Herschel Pop Quiz Laptop Backpack, which is sold at Nordstrom for $90. Its remarkable resilience ensures that it remains in pristine condition even after extensive use. The size of this backpack is also highly commendable, featuring a padded sleeve specifically designed to safeguard a 15″ laptop or tablet. This protective feature guarantees that your valuable devices are shielded from any potential damage.

In addition to its practicality, this teen backpack boasts an aesthetically pleasing design. The incorporation of a faux leather bottom not only adds a touch of sophistication, but it also serves as an additional layer of protection for the contents housed within. This ingenious feature ensures that whatever is of utmost importance to you remains safe and secure throughout your travels. Rest assured that this backpack is not just visually appealing, but also highly functional and reliable.


Laptop Backpack

Image Source: Herschel Pop Quiz Laptop Backpack Review

Adidas Trefoil Backpack

The Adidas Trefoil Backpack is an iconic and timeless choice for sporty teenagers seeking a backpack that seamlessly combines style and functionality. Plus, it’s available at Amazon for only $32.62! This tween backpack stands out with its generous size, reflecting the notion that athletic individuals possess their own unique sense of fashion. With its spacious interior, it provides an abundance of room to accommodate books, technological devices, water bottles, and even a uniform for post-school practice sessions. This backpack truly caters to the diverse needs of active teenagers who require a reliable companion to carry their essentials.

Not only does the Adidas Trefoil Backpack excel in practicality, but it also makes a bold fashion statement. The available color options are a testament to its versatility and range. The striking red variant is perfect for those who wish to make a vibrant statement, while the options of pink and black offer a more classic and understated aesthetic. Regardless of the chosen color, this backpack ensures that you’ll stand out from the crowd while exuding an air of confidence and style.


Rains Mini Waterproof Backpack

For teenagers who possess a mature and refined sense of style, the Rains Mini Waterproof Backpack is an absolute must-have for the back-to-school season. It’s sold at Nordstrom for $95, but for a good reason. It’s one of the most popular teen backpacks that strikes the perfect balance between practicality and sophistication, ensuring that it meets the needs of both fashion-conscious and tech-savvy individuals.

With ample space to accommodate a laptop and a few other essentials, this backpack not only keeps your belongings organized but also ensures they remain dry and protected, even during unexpected weather conditions. Its waterproof feature adds an extra layer of reliability, safeguarding your valuable investments from potential damage.


Waterproof Backpack

Image Source: Rains Backpack Review

Which of the Cool Backpacks for Teens Will Your Child Like?

Gear up for back-to-school with the coolest backpacks for teens! Shop now and find the perfect backpack to match your style and needs. Don’t miss out on these trendy and durable options. Get yours today and step into the new school year in style!