My 3 Favorite Products for Styling Grey hair


If you’re growing out your grey hair or have already done so, you’ll notice it needs different styling products. I feel lucky that my grey hair texture is the same as before, but that’s not true for everyone. For the past few months, I’ve been using three main products along with an occasional purple shampoo rinse (I’m using it less now after overdoing it) and a hair mask every other week. These have helped keep my grey hair looking nice and healthy, and I hope they work for you too.


What’s even better is that this balm is versatile. When my hair needs a little pick-me-up, I use it on dry hair to give it a quick refresh. It adds a subtle shine and tames any flyaways, making my hair look polished throughout the day. The formula is so lightweight that you barely feel it, which is perfect because it doesn’t weigh down your hair or make it feel sticky.

The natural ingredients in the EVOLVh Superfinish Polishing Balm are another big plus. It’s packed with nourishing elements that keep your hair healthy and vibrant. Whether you’re dealing with humidity, styling damage, or just want a sleek finish, this balm is a fantastic addition to your hair care arsenal.

Shine Serum by Aluram

I finish my hair routine with the Shine Serum by Aluram, a product I picked up at my local hair salon after hearing rave reviews from the stylist. This serum has become a staple in my hair care arsenal. I use it primarily to smooth out any pesky flyaways that tend to appear after styling, giving my hair a polished and sleek look. The serum adds a lovely shine that enhances the overall appearance of my hair, making it look healthy and vibrant.

One of the best things about this Shine Serum is its longevity. You only need a tiny amount for each use, so even a small bottle lasts a long time. This makes it not only effective but also economical. Additionally, the scent is wonderful – it’s light and pleasant without being overpowering, adding a refreshing touch to your hair care routine.

Another great benefit of the Aluram Shine Serum is its ability to combat static hair. If you struggle with hair that gets frizzy or full of static, especially in dry weather, this serum can be a real lifesaver. It helps to keep your hair smooth and manageable, making it an essential product for maintaining a sleek hairstyle throughout the day.

Perfect Iron Spray by Alterna

I’ve been on the hunt for a heat protectant that works well on dry hair because my usual routine involves air drying after my shower and then using a curling iron or flat iron. After trying several products with mixed results, I decided to give the Perfect Iron Spray by Alterna a try. I picked it up on a whim during a trip to Ulta, drawn in by the sleek packaging and positive reviews.

Using the spray is simple: I spray it on the section of hair I’m working on, making sure to cover it evenly. Then, I wait about 30 seconds for it to dry because it does make the hair a bit wet initially. This short wait time is worth it because the spray creates a protective barrier against the heat.

Since I started using the Perfect Iron Spray, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in the way my hair looks and feels. My curls hold their shape much better and last longer throughout the day. Additionally, my hair feels softer and looks shinier after styling. The spray seems to lock in moisture and prevent the frizz and dryness that often come with using heat tools.

Overall, I’m really pleased with this product. It has become a crucial part of my hair care routine, ensuring that my hair stays healthy and styled just the way I like it.

Choose the Best Hair Product for Your Grey Hair

Finding the right products for your grey hair can make all the difference in maintaining its health and style. Whether you’re using the versatile EVOLVh Superfinish Polishing Balm to add shine and tame flyaways, the Aluram Shine Serum to combat static and enhance smoothness, or the Perfect Iron Spray by Alterna to protect your hair from heat damage and improve curl retention, these products have proven their worth in my routine. I hope my experience helps you discover what works best for your hair, keeping it looking vibrant, polished, and healthy every day.